As a network organisation, FutureLead works closely with a number of partner organisations. Below is a selection of some network partners. 


Higher Education Management Africa (HEMA)

HEMA is the specialist higher education (HE) practice managed by FutureLead.

HEMA draws on the extensive advisory and management skills of a closely knit work group of experienced professionals and academic practitioners. Several of these individuals are associated with centres of HE excellence in Africa, including the Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET).

The skills and experience within the HEMA group encompasses international comparative and Africa wide HE studies in respect of examining higher education performance measurement and factors impacting on Universities and economic development in Africa. These specialist skills are complemented by the extensive FutureLead experience with a comprehensive range of HE interventions for most leading South African universities, that allows for a comprehensive HEMA service offering.

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Southern Economic Development (SED)

SED is an economics services specialist group for Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  SED focuses on the following economic tools: 

  • Economic Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Economic Base Profiling
  • Economic Impact (direct and flow-on)
  • Economic impact assessments as part of Social Impact Assessments
  • Mitigation and Enhancement Strategies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

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